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Montana Newspapers List

List of major newspapers in Montana featuring news and latest information on local politics, events, business, sports, education, jobs, and more. See following table for 35 Montana local newspapers, each with official name, city location and Internet website address. All find related online resources that may help you living in or moving to the state of Montana.

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Montana Newspapers List

Montana - Treasure State

Montana is a state in the northwestern United States. Depending on the source, the name Montana is derived from either Spanish or Latin and means mountainous or mountainous in German. Montana is located in the Rocky Mountains and is one of the so-called mountain states. The capital of Montana is Helena. Montana is rich in mineral resources and has earned its nickname State of Treasures.

Indians, buffalos and a sky without limits

Before the European settlers came to this region, vast prairie landscapes stretched here and the Indian tribes who lived here hunted buffalo, which gave them everything they needed to survive.

In the time of the first European settlers, the buffalo herds were so decimated that they were no longer enough for the locals to survive. European hunters had hunted and killed the buffalo on a large scale to sell the valuable fur and leather.

At the first signs of the gold rush around 1863, more and more people came to this region to get rich with the shiny metal. The first gold rush was triggered by finds on the Alder Gulch, east of Dillon. The former gold mining towns are often no longer inhabited today. Ghost towns and ruins are reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the settlers.

In other cities like Butte, museums today remind us of the past. The World Museum of Mining not only shows objects from the life of the city's inhabitants at the time, many examples of finds can also be admired here.

The state capital, Helena, was also founded by a gold find. In the early 1970s, settlers found enormous amounts of gold in Last Chance Gulch. The city then grew rapidly and was later named the capital.

Today Highway 12 leads west from Helena. It is one of the most beautiful in the country and, despite its popularity, is not overcrowded.

In the United States, Montana is known as The Big Sky. It describes the vast country that still exists today and the vast sky over Montana.

Grasshopper Creek, Beaverrock Mountain and the gateway to the mountains

There is still a lot of untouched wilderness in Montana. One area is the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The forest has been under nature protection since 1964 and is therefore a region with forests that appear underneath without asphalt roads. The Great Bear Wilderness and the Scapegoat Wilderness are now protected areas.

But not only the small unprotected areas are beautiful. Many famous national parks are located in whole or in part in Montana.

These include, for example

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Trial
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

But not only national parks, there are also state parks here like sand by the sea and yet everyone is something special.

Newspapers Location Image Website
Bigfork Eagle Bigfork, MT
Billings Gazette Billings, MT
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Bozeman, MT Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Carbon County News Online Red Lodge, MT Carbon County News Online
Char-Koosta News Pablo , MT Char-Koosta News
Choteau Acantha Choteau, MT Choteau Acantha
Cut Bank Pioneer Press Cut Bank, MT
Glacier Reporter Browning, MT
Glasgow Courier Glasgow, MT Glasgow Courier
Great Falls Tribune Great Falls, MT
Havre Daily News Havre , MT
Helena Independent Helena, MT
Hungry Horse News Hungry Horse, MT
Hungry Horse News Columbia Falls, MT
Laurel Outlook Laurel, MT
Lewistown News-Argus Lewistown, MT
Liberty County Times Chester, MT
Livingston Enterprise Livingston, MT
Miles City Star Miles City, MT
Missoula Independent Missoula, MT
Missoulian Missoula, MT
Queen City News Helena, MT
Ravalli Republic Hamilton, MT
Seeley Swan Pathfinder Seeley Lake, MT
Sidney Herald-Leader Sidney, MT
Silver State Post Deer Lodge, MT
The Billings Outpost Billings, MT
The Bitterroot Star Stevensville, MT
The Daily Inter Lake Kalispell, MT
The Herald-News Wolf Point, MT
The Montana Standard Butte , MT
The Shelby Promoter Shelby, MT
The Western News Libby , MT
Tobacco Valley News Eureka, MT
Whitefish Pilot Whitefish, MT
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What makes tourists consider Montana the most popular destination to? One photo alone would answer the question, but it still wouldn't be enough to show the beauty and grandeur of the state. With unmissable national parks, the destination is the right bet for those who like to know surreal scenarios that seem to have come out of a picture.

One of these places is the Glacier National Park, where tourists are faced with blue water lakes and mountains with snow-capped tops, forming the perfect setting for great photographs. In addition, the park is rich in lakes, waterfalls and trails, containing peaks over 3,000 meters high!


Although Montana is mostly known for its great natural landscapes, there are of course people who live in normal, modern cities. With 100,000 inhabitants, Billings is the largest city in Montana and the only one with an international airport.

Helena is the capital where political, administrative and financial power is concentrated. Overall, however, there is more landscape and nature in this state than cities. Only a few are of significant size and are known nationally. In addition to Helena and Billings, these include Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte and Kalispell.

Barley, maize and wheat are grown in the north-east and in the center of the country, and numerous small breweries benefit from their harvest. Cattle breeders and winegrowers have settled in the south. Due to the large forest deposits, the north mainly lives from the timber business.

Many of the former farms have been converted into holiday properties and hotels, which is particularly important for the tourism sector. Outdoor fans will get their money's worth in this extensive natural landscape, because here you can practice pretty much any popular sport: golf, skiing, rafting, canoeing and rowing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, climbing and fishing.

The shortest river in the world is located in the middle of the endless natural expanses : the only 61 meter long Roe River. In Montana, the clocks tick differently and everyone who comes here quickly leaves the stress of the fast-moving and digitized world behind.

Montana combines tradition with modernity and the history of the Wild West with romantic small town charm.

Climate in Montana - moderately warm to very cold

Although Montana is in the extreme northwest of the United States on the border with Canada, the climate is moderately warm in summer. The highest temperatures of 13 to 22 degrees are reached in the summer months of July and August.

From November to April it is quite cold with daily maximum temperatures of up to 7 degrees and a lot of precipitation. The thermometer often hovers around the zero degree mark, even temperatures of - 9 degrees with rapid fall are not uncommon.

Population and residents - it's pretty lonely in Montana

You really have to look for the inhabitants, because the vast expanse of Montana is home to just over a million people, most of whom concentrate on the urban areas.

Even with the beginning of the gold discoveries and the founding of the first cities in the middle of the 19th century, there were only a few inhabitants compared to the other states, which had a similar fate.

In 1870 there were a little more than 20,000 inhabitants for the first time. Since then the population has been growing continuously. Montana experienced the greatest population growth in 1890 with 265 percent. Nevertheless, only 143,000 people lived here at that time. The population grew steadily until 2010, when for the first time the number fell just short of one million.

Since the 1980s, well-off retirees and nature lovers have settled here. The population is quite homogeneous, because it consists of 90 percent white Americans. Latin Americans make up just over three percent of the population.

Native Americans are well represented compared to other states with more than six percent. They are largely spread over the seven Indian reservations.

Places in Montana that should not be missing in any excursion program

Big sky

This high plateau is an attraction in itself, because outdoor fans will find pure adventure vacations here. The Gallatin River winds through the mountain valley to Lone Peak, a 3,400 meter high mountain that stretches like a tower to the sky. This recreation area is a year-round travel destination. In winter it is considered one of the best ski areas in the USA and in summer it is an ideal place for hiking, mountain biking and climbing.

White water rafting on the Gallatin River is fun for the whole family. However, the endless panorama is incomparable. The Historic Crail Ranch enables a trip into regional history, because it goes back to one of the first settler families to settle in Montana.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is just an hour away from Big Sky. This extensive park is fascinating not only because of its varied landscape and biodiversity. The center of attraction are the bubbling geysers, whose water fountains rise with might into the sky. The Grand Prismatic Spring thermal spring has a geometric temperature of 237 degrees Celsius and glows in all rainbow colors.

The Gibbon Falls plunge 26 meters into an extinct volcano. Fishing and hiking fans will get their money's worth along the diverse routes of the Firehole River and Madison River. Along the panoramic road Firehole Canyon Drive there are numerous lava flows over a length of 244 meters. A popular summer swimming pool is Firehole Falls.

Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park is also called the jewel of the continent, because this picturesque mountain world is one of the few intact ecosystems in the temperate climate zones. 1,100 kilometers of hiking trails through absolute silence and loneliness ensure deceleration.

On the panoramic road Going-to-the-Sund-Road, motorists can experience spectacular panoramic images over a length of 80 kilometers, which they will surely not soon forget. Mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, canyons and animals that can only be seen in the zoo provide experiences that are comparable to an adventure film.

Glacier National Park is not to be confused with Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska.

First Peoples Buffalo Jump Park

This strange name for visitors goes back to a tradition of the indigenous people of Montana. These lived largely from the buffaloes, which were here in large numbers.

It is a rocky landscape with sandstone cliffs with many narrow winding paths through which the Indians drove their buffalo. Nowadays, this national park is an open-air museum that was created in honor of these large animals to bring the way of life of the Indians closer to the people. Nature trails, a museum and an amphitheater make this national park an impressive experience.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

This destination is reminiscent of the Battle of Little Bighorn between General Custer with his U.S. cavalry and the Indians living here in 1876. It is one of the most famous battles between these two parties, but the U.S. cavalry was wiped out.

General Custer fell as did many of his soldiers. Visitors can explore Reno-Benteen and Custer Battlefield independently. The visitor center provides further information.

Flathead Lake

Montana has numerous lakes, but one of the most beautiful is the mirror-like Fleathead Lake, embedded in mountains, deciduous and coniferous forests. The flat and calm fresh water tank is ideal for boat trips. There are cherry plantations around the lake where you can pick the sweet fruits yourself.

World Museum of Mining

At first glance, this area in the middle of grassy hills does not seem spectacular. 20 meters underground, however, visitors can expect a vast cave world with elevator, which allows a look into Montana's mining past. A mining settlement and a room with stones and minerals bring visitors closer to this profitable historical branch of industry.

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Eight bears and three wolf packs live here. The Discovery Center is all about these two large animal species. Visitors learn everything about behavior and lifestyle and much more. Interactive exhibitions, including those with birds of prey, complete the offer.

Small towns

Montana has only a few larger cities, but there are numerous charming small towns, where the clocks tick very differently than in the rest of the world. These small towns and villages date back to the first settlements in the 19th century.

Western atmosphere, festivals and rodeos bring visitors closer to the original life in Montana. Cities with 40,000 inhabitants are rare and are therefore already among the largest cities in the state. Around these towns and villages there is a beautiful natural backdrop of mirror-clear lakes, mountains, rivers and green valleys.

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